miércoles, mayo 02, 2012

The Practitioner: An Interview as the First Spanish Editor

The Practitioner: What was your biggest challenge in editing articles for FFI?

Guillermo Salazar: "Gerry suggested I should be the first editor in charge of Spanish content, with the idea to create a bigger databank of Spanish articles. At that time there were no magazines or websites in Latin America that solely addressed practitioners, so in some ways we were pioneers. This was important because people think differently in Latin America about many things. For example: when a family member leaves the country to start a new life or launch a new enterprise, this hits the heart of Latin American families hard, because they tend to stay in close physical contact. The solution is to teach them that the global situation requires them to spread out around the world and that they will survive this.”

The Practitioner: "What’s the most important advice you would offer practitioners in providing services to family enterprises?”

Guillermo Salazar: "Practitioners should read one or two articles in their daily professional lives in order to become an expert across many disciplines. You need to educate yourself at all times.”

Originally published by The Family Firm Institute: http://www.ffi.org/blogpost/851776/Practitioner 

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