lunes, noviembre 17, 2014

The Practitioner Family Constellations: Part 2

Dear Colleagues,

This is the second in a series of four special issues on the theme of Constellations. In today’s articles we discover new and different ways to understand, work and solve some of the human, common, and personal problems that affect the continuity of a family business project, with a systemic approach that unveils and identifies some of the unconscious laws behind the human behavior.

• Go here for Oscar R. Peña’s “The Systemic Perspective at the Family Enterprise Field,”
where the author explains how Bert Hellinger’s psychotherapy theory made its major contribution to the concept of “Constellations” and how it works with the family businesses.

• Go here for Arden O’Connor and Michael Madera’s “Addiction, Advisors and Alliances: Working together to address complex family issues” in which they explain a method to help families and advisors to fight together against the difficulties of having a key person immersed in severe addiction.


Guillermo Salazar


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