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The Practitioner Family Constellations: Part 1

The family enterprise system is a global field of research and practice, encompassing families and businesses of different sizes, both of which have implications for delivering and capturing value. As the first in a series of four special issues on the theme of Constellations, the articles selected to describe the attributes of “Culture, Customs, Rituals and Perspectives” in a family business show us examples of a system with history and legacy that is frequently individual and unique. Here, we’ll discover how consultants and advisors add value through a multidisciplinary approach, understanding the different points that build this complexity.

Go here for Amy Katz's “Daughters in Family Enterprises: Implications and opportunities for family practitioners,” to find some of the new dynamics at play when daughters raised in family businesses deploy their leader abilities.

Go here for Barbara Hauser's “A Western Woman Advising Saudis on Governance: Cultural differences and similarities.” Join her on an eleven year journey discovering the family businesses of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Go here for Javier Macías's “Family Harmony Myth in Spain and Latin-America,” in which the author gives us an excellent description on how he learned always to be cautious with this cultural myth.

Guillermo Salazar


Originally published in: http://ffipractitioner.org/2014/11/05/constellations-part-i/

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