lunes, marzo 03, 2014

The Practitioner's first Case Study Article: An introduction to John Geddes' publication

If you are professional who works with family businesses, you probably have an interesting list of customers who have used your services. And we mean real customers, not just trophies in your back shelf’s office.  Each time one of those family business works with you has the potential to be a case study. A case study becomes a personal story, a living example of what you can do to help others, providing concrete examples of how your services influences in their costs, productivity, efficiency or the relationship of their family members. Your costumers: a source of knowledge. Real gems.

The Practitioner gladly presents one o these gems: John Geddes’ article ”Succession Planning in the Palliative Care Unit”, a real life based case that explains what happens when a family avoids and delays the succession of leadership in their company. The author leads us through his experience dealing with “a phenomenon common to many family enterprises”, and shares his reflections on the interesting outcomes of the case.

We’re sure you have (in more than one special moment of your career), thinking in sharing with your professional community an experience you had with a client. That is writing your own case study. If so, choose a significant issue in relation to the existing literature and / or the state of art of the moment. A case study often follows the same basic format: Identifies the client's particular challenge, describes the solution provided by your services and Illustrates results gained by using your help. The subject does not have to be well known or influential. It could be almost any business, from Fortune 500 to the corner store. Build on your knowledge, experience, resources and methods. Be realistic. Readers appreciate perspectives which assist them in their day-to-day work. And avoid promoting a particular firm, product or individual.

Geddes’ article is the first of many case studies we will publish in the new Practitioner format. So we invite you to share your treasure with your FFI colleagues. We invite you to show us your gems.

For further reading on Geddes' article: Case Study: Succession Planning in the Palliative Care Unit

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